Differences between a scissor lift and a pallet truck

If you need to move heavy loads in a warehouse or on a construction site or in a storage facility a forklift truck is likely to be the most useful piece of equipment you can invest in! But with a wide selection of styles and types to choose from, it can be difficult to know which is best for your environment. Scissor lift is made of high quality steel and was designed to give you a durable, reliable and easy to use product. For your safety and correct operation, please carefully read this instruction before using it.

Difference between scissors and pallet

Industrial reach forklift trucks are renowned for their extended lift height, making them ideal in any warehousing situation with high rise storage pallet racking. There are different types of pallet truck that are best suited to a range of scenarios. Double deep trucks are similar, but with longer forks, making them perfect for areas where multiple pallet loads are stored in each bay as they will reach right to the back of the bay. Pallet trucks also have long forks to slide under the load, while they also have the ability to grip onto the edges for increased stability and ease of access.

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